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Planting Seeds of Light

Why self-mastery is our most important (and urgent) task on Earth.

Privilege. For those who are mysteriously endowed with it, whatever intersectional juncture we may find ourselves at (if this is new language for you, please educate yourself) privilege comes with responsibility. What are we to do with this happy-happenstance, that our socio-economic backdrop is one of more ease and less strife than the vast majority of our fellow humans? *I'm generalizing in a major way here, and I understand that the nuances within all lives create hugely differing narratives that come into play no matter what one's race/class/gender may be. But my point is this: the average reader of this blog is probably not worrying about their survival on a fundamental level. You likely have basic comforts provided for, and if you're spending time thinking about esoteric concepts like metaphysics and spirituality, then you join me in the land of privilege. Our lives matter, but they're not blatantly targeted.

I belong to a subset of Western white privilege that has the means to explore my physical as well as my nonphysical identity in any way I may choose. I've taken two weeks off at a time, nine times to be exact, to sit and/or serve at ten-day silent meditation retreats. I've spent months backpacking in foreign lands, years experimenting with recreational drugs and alcohol while still somehow functioning at a high level and maintaining my responsibilities, and enjoyed the option of higher education my parents paid for, which I dropped out of after two years anyway. I've worked in pleasant places with nice people where I dressed in cute outfits, in New York City where I was able to put down security deposits along with first and last months' rent for clean, safe apartments because my parents loaned me the money. I went off the grid in the Amazon jungle with shamans to delve deep into my psyche and then returned home to my supportive community, where I continue to buy exclusively organic food and discuss with my therapist my inability to give up coffee because I enjoy it so much.

So what do we do with these experiences that we carry around inside ourselves, the building blocks of our earthly identities? They contribute to the way we perceive reality, the foundation upon which we construct our worldviews, sharing the rich soil that connects us all underneath. And yet, there is dissatisfaction. Depression and anxiety are commonplace. Gratitude is eclipsed by information overload as many of us become paralyzed in the face of too many options, the irony of abundance.

I believe that we are all connected, and in fact gravity very visibly connects us to the same sphere upon which each of us exists. If you imagine a vertical line extending through your body, from the top of your head all the way down through your feet and then you kept going, to the very center of Earth, all of our vertical lines would meet in that central point.

In fact, the most current physics has demonstrated that the central point of everything including every planck in the universe is a black hole (or "Black Whole" as Nassim Haramein likes to call it) containing all of the information for the entire universe within its infinite potential. This manifests as the forms we experience as solid matter, using a holographic and holosonic function by pulling specific information from that infinite pool, or what is referred to as the unified field, in every moment. This may sound complicated or confusing if you haven't considered the holographic universe theory but if you're curious and open-minded, I think you might come around (if you're interested, I am in the process of compiling an essential reading/viewing list).

The latest discoveries about quantum entanglement prove that the spatial separation of quantum particles does not affect their ability to share information with no lapse in time, which implies that, since we are constructed of these very particles or plancks, what happens within one of us immediately affects everything else in the universe including one another. Think of it as an instantaneous butterfly effect on the smallest scale imaginable.

Holograms aside, we are still nothing but energy at our most fundamental level. Energy is now commonly accepted to be present prior to manifestation. Energy precedes matter just as thought or feeling precedes action. Eastern philosophies describe vital energy, or chi, as something akin to electro-magnetism, and the entire universe is permeated with this living energy from which all things arise--aka the unified field. Ancient Eastern philosophies are now finally meeting up with quantum physics, and the more our technologies advance, the more this can be scientifically substantiated. It's a very exciting time, ripe for big changes in the way the average person sees the world and their place within it!

If we are in fact nothing but energy, and there is no separation within energy but rather it is a continuous flow, then there is no separation between the discreet things we perceive as being distinct objects and entities. This is a very simplistic crash course in the science behind the notion that "We are one," which has always been the ultimate basis of spirituality.

So all of this is to say, that the energy you create with your existence, or what you "feed the field," affects all the energy throughout the rest of the universe. If it feels less abstract to keep it local, it affects everyone in the world. At the most obvious level, it visibly affects your immediate sphere: your close community and your environment. A feedback loop is created, that becomes stronger when you engage with others on your same wavelength, and becomes amplified this way. Like energy attracts like energy, and the signal you emit on a regular basis acts like a radio transmitter, radiating your specific frequency out into the field, and pulling in the frequencies that match its vibration.

Doesn't this make you want to generate positivity as much as you possibly can? What each of us generates with the powerful electromagnetic currents we are constantly churning out with our hearts alone, is in a very real way contributing to our collective experience on the planet. We can leave the rest of the cosmos out of the picture for now if that is easier for you to accept, though human irresponsibility with our energy due to our ignorance about these matters also affects the rest of our galactic and universal community. But that is for another time.

I call generating positivity "planting seeds of light." I recently had the pleasure of attending a symposium of highly conscious scientists and very resonant, productive, and accomplished people of all stripes when I went to a retreat hosted by the Resonance Science Foundation in CA. It was the first time I was around so many people in one place (over 400 of us) who were all being very intentional with our energy and aware of our coherence at all times. It was life-changing. I saw first-hand how humans can transmit loving energy whether one-on-one, or from one to many during large lectures and presentations. The more we practice transmitting light, the more it comes naturally in our everyday interactions with everybody we encounter. And it makes a big difference, whether it's your lover, your grocery store cashier, your client, or your coworker; the energy we generate plants seeds in every moment.

The more privilege we can identify in our lives, the greater our degree of responsibility for planting seeds of light. I say this because we can afford to take the time away from questions of basic survival and discover for ourselves what it means to be a human being on Earth at this pivotal time in the history of our species. With the plethora of information increasingly available at our fingertips, we are the people who have the means to cultivate our own reservoirs of inner light, initially to heal ourselves and our core wounds, and then to plant in the fields of everyone we meet throughout our lives, emitting a frequency of coherence everywhere we go. In the face of all the chaos and suffering so many people are currently experiencing, this is a very real countermeasure that anyone can engage at any time, just using our physiology and nothing else.

The power of planting seeds cannot and should not be underestimated. Just as the seed you unwittingly transport across the field on the sole of your shoe may one day become a giant tree that your great-grandchild weeps existential tears under, the seeds you plant in the world around you in every moment have equal if not greater potential.

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